"Paul achieved nirvana. Finally released from the cycle of rebirth and filled with pulsating cosmic energy he is now the one with the universe. Tall grass now grows in his footprints. An early star lights up in the sky? That's just Paul smirking. A warm breeze in your hair? That's him whispering "pathetic"


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i love rakuzan and i love seirin but I HATE THE ZONE SO MUCH

you can tell how angry i am by how bad these drawings are


You free him and now he dead 


You free him and now he dead 


ten anime fonts by animeps

attack on titan / magi / death note / evangelion / kuroshitsuji / one piece / d.gray-man / fullmetal alchemist / naruto / bleach

All these people who are thirsty for the sato-booty gotta step up their game because the only person tapping that Ash is Ash.

the only one who can beat me is me



Mewtwo Strikes Back and Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction 


Serena’s worries
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Serena’s worries

ash can attract his literal opposite version of himself.  he is too powerful,


when your obsessive special interest suddenly changes and your blog followers are like wtf this isn’t what i signed up for



As one of my best friends and Coma partner in crime and I were going on about ships we used to swoon over on a certain pokemon forum and Coma AMVs, I was practicing on chibis and well…

I don’t know if Satoshi’s crying because Shinji said something cold or if he got that scared Shinji has no eyes. >P Both are valid reasons!

IDK but Coma relieves me from my worries in life. Also Kirino chibi on top which I covered because Coma is the spotlight taker here. Let me not mix my fandoms in one post.


Double the nerd

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if i suspect your ask is spam, i’ll probably delete it, sorry

i was just trying to think of a character that’s not your favorite >u<!

oh okay!  someone mentioned something about pearl too which made me wonder XD

: how do you feel about dawn


very very neutral for most of the time i was watching dp, showing interest when she struggled/did something cool for contests/burned kenny etc.

favorite design of all the poke-girls


cute and sassy but needed better development with rivals

: mirror cp would like ikarishipping. her favorite character would be dawn. and she would hate yaoi lol.


do i…give off the impression that i hate dawn? lol

themed by coryjohnny for tumblr