"Paul achieved nirvana. Finally released from the cycle of rebirth and filled with pulsating cosmic energy he is now the one with the universe. Tall grass now grows in his footprints. An early star lights up in the sky? That's just Paul smirking. A warm breeze in your hair? That's him whispering "pathetic"


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: Did you hear about the new Naruto news? The next movie is going to be the last one.


…no…but this makes me inexplicably sad :(

: I knew you were trouble Coma AMV



i knew u were trouble when you walked in


now i’m lying on the cold hard ground


remember when i scribblekin compared comashipping to rinharu

i think one of the things that hit me the hardest when paul left was when ash…

who;s usually smiling and optimistic

suddenly dropped his voice……

and said in such a sad voice

he reserves this kind of treatment for his friends or his pokemon…usually with a rival, he tends to be more optimistic and kinda expects their parting….

so to me, it felt that…he wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet…that there was still a lot of things about their relationship that needed to be patched up and there’s a good chance (with his rather poor track record of keeping his promises..) that it might be a while before they actually do meet again…which is why paul walked away so dejected until ash said “let’s battle again’ confirming that he doesn’t want to forget about him.


: Given the way he looooooveees Pokemon and battles and challenges, I guess it would make sense he would go with the most battle active goal having girl and could find a fair amount of interest in her because of it. Given how they often contested each other in BW with feeling more like rivals and she could provide something he wants and is actively interested in and can challenge him in a number of areas in life outside of battling. I can see a confession. "YOUR DRAGONITE WAS KAKKOII in battle!"


i don’t think he’d be that oblivious to it.  i think that he would start developing SERIOUS feelings for her and get confused for the first time…like for some reason, saying ‘YEAH YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND’ isn’t enough but ‘I love you’ doesn’t feel natural.  it’d make him uncomfortable and embarrassed not knowing how to handle it, in my headcanons anyways XD


When I find out a cute boy isn’t gay


i made an aesthetic generator now you can discover urself


im so glad big time rush sacrificed themselves so one direction could live 

: Would you describe yourself as being empathetic? Also what are some more messy aspects of Evangelion you didn't care for?


i’ve been told by a lot of my supervisors that empathy is one of my most prominent traits, so yeah.  i consider myself pretty empathetic.  to a fault at times because i try to understand the people i’m involved with so much that sometimes i tend to project my own unrealistic (often idealized) perceptions of them.  and i cry a lot etc.

and about nge, the crap about human instrumentality or rebuilding the universe or existentialism or like 99% of the shit NERV spouts out i literally do not care for.  just give me giant fighting robots and sad teens.

: How would Iris (or Ash) admit to the other that they like them? I'd almost imagine it be more awkward for Ash then Iris. The latter I could see blurting it out without much warning. What do you think?


Yes, i think it would be almost impossible for ash to ‘admit’ it because…these feelings of ‘romantic love’ or whatever is really strange to him…like, I’m not sure if he’d know how to recognize them.  He’d probably describe it as a really REALLY strong friendship (not ranking it below romance in any way, he just doesn’t categorize his relationships that way).

he’d probably just describe what he feels when he thinks about her or something and after some really cringey, corny, awkward lines Iris would just shut him up and say that she loves him too (blurting it out, like you suggested)

people who discourage the use of the dodge/burn tool on photoshop: stop


Those Diancie movie clothes are so cute, I just had to draw these ´ ▽ ` )ノ


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imagine your life without paul o.o

i would have never had the chance to eat his face on a cake and i dont know if i’m emotionally prepared for that kind of change

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